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Mission and Core Values

Mission and Core Values

Department Goals & Objectives

It is the goal of Welch College to provide our student-athletes with a well-organized and administered program of athletic competition. Because of the college’s mission, this goal manifests itself in ways that are unique to the type of institution we seek to embody. Through mature leadership and a family atmosphere, campus athletics become a positive element in the lives of our students. The following objectives have been adopted for our program:

The athletic program at Welch College will:

  • Serve as a unifying force in creating and improving campus spirit and morale.
  • Provide public relations services through ministry opportunities for team members.
  • Reinforce and nurture positive character traits in team members.
  • Instruct the entire college community by encouraging the defeated, being generous to rivals, and demonstrating under all circumstances the courtesy that is an essential by-product of the Gospel.
  • Provide quality instruction that enables team members to develop their God-given talents more fully.
  • Develop a sense of stewardship in the use of athletic abilities.

In addition to the institutional objectives stated above, the athletic program also abides by the principles set forth by the National Christian College Athletic Association. This organization serves as an administrative vehicle in helping us realize our program purposes. A handbook published each year is available in the Athletic Director’s office.